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The samsung Galaxy S9 is designed to be almost identical to the previous Galaxy S8, especially in appearance and style. You might think that samsung is using some elements of the Galaxy S8, at least on the screen, and it doesn't seem to have changed much, except for a little more than a millimeter. But recently, DisplayMate experts have used the data to tell us exactly what's going on with the Galaxy S9's screen, especially if the OLED screens are top-rated. Of course, this may not be a big difference for the average user, but it's important for people who are looking at the DisplayMate scoring test.
It should be noted that the DisplayMate's screen is not to say that the Galaxy S9 is much more dramatic than the S8, and most people probably won't be the main difference at all. Of course, improvements in the screen can help improve display and battery life, or indeed from the lab test results.
The Galaxy S9's Super AMOLED screen adds some new features to the S8, including reducing the variable brightness between pixels, providing a better but hard-to-detect color precision. Other new features include accessibility display modes, including color adjustment and filtering of visually impaired people. DisplayMate also praises the amount of control samsung has brought to users while improving screen technology. When Google Pixel 2 XL is added to this control, it has become the focus of attention.
The Galaxy S9's screen improvements are also reflected in the overall effect, and make minor improvements to the already well-developed parts. DisplayMate points out that rather than pushing the performance of OLED screens to the limit, it's better to improve the product's experience and quality.
In addition, DisplayMate plans to compare the Galaxy S9 to the iPhone X's screen in the future, which is an interesting thing to do. Samsung and apple had big advantages in both OLED and LCD markets. But now that apple has joined the ranks of OLED, and the screen is provided by samsung, apple is offering additional education, so DisplayMate hopes to find the difference. But considering whether it's an iPhone X or a Galaxy S9, the OLED panels come from samsung, so overall, samsung's victory.
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